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Why is the spine so important? 


The spine is the framework that supports and protects the spinal cord. It has been likened to the body’s switchboard. Nerves leave the spinal cord through small openings between the spinal bones (vertebrae). The nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures and functions of the human body. This helps to maintain homeostasis (natural physiological balance).

If the normal movement of the spine is disrupted, the impulses  that travel along nerves can be compromised. This may present as pain (either local or referred) or stiffness, or there may be other symptoms instead.




Where do the nerves travel in the body?


..........everywhere…… wherever a nerve goes is where the signals may be compromised when the spine is not moving properly.




What causes the spine to dysfunction? 


Posture is an obvious one. But we know that when we are exposed to emotional stress or toxins in the environment, we can feel a response in our musculoskeletal system. 




Who can see a Chiropractor?


Chiropractors are Primary Care practitioners, and so a referral is not required. We are trained in diagnosis, which is why we take a comprehensive history on your first visit. We then decide whether we need to modify Chiropractic care to suit your condition (e.g. if you have had previous spinal surgery), or if it is more appropriate to refer you to a different practitioner.  This way we are safely able to care for patients in a variety of age groups, and with a variety of specific health requirements. 

Chiropractors are registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency). 

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